Decentralized Financial Services (DeFi) Powered by ABEYCHAIN

XSWAP is the world's 1st DEX built on the revolutionary ABEYCHAIN The Multi-Layered Programable blockchain built for High-Speed Transactions.

XSWAP supports a multi-chain wallet that users can securely store their digital assets.


Multi-Chain / Multi Wallet

The XBridge service provides inter-chain liquidity for all transactions on ABEYCHAIN, for decentralized applications, and services on the XSWAP platform.


Exchange Multiple Tokens

The XSWAPS service allows you to exchange multiple tokens and alt coins on the XSWAP platform. The tokens are not required to be listed on any exchange.

Staking and Yield Farming

Users will be able to stake their assets, provide liquidity, and leverage multiple yield farming opportunities.



The XSTAKE service allows you to Stake your cryptos to earn the maximum yield. Stake different cryptos and take advantage of variable percentage rates.


Use Your Staked Assets

The XFARM service allows you to to earn rewards by contributing to the XSWAP Liquidity Pools, and on other platforms through XBRIDGE. XFARMing takes advantage of the variable percentage yield rates.

Lending Pools



The XLOAN service allows you to put your cryptos assets to work earn interest by lending them out. Contribute to the XPOOL and earn interest from your crypto assets. Take advantage of variable percentage rates.



The XLOAN service allows you to borrow from the XPOOL by placing a deposit equal to the amount you want to borrow, guaranteed by a Smart Contract. Once you repay your loan you will receive your collateral back less interest.

XSWAP DAPPS – Developer Friendly

Build your own Decentralized Applications on XSWAP powered by ABEYCHAIN

Developers see the advantages of the ABEY 2.0 Multi-Layered Programmable Blockchain For High Volume Transactions. The Hybrid Consensus - Multi-Layered blockchain system, with blazing fast TPS speeds, is one of the most significant advancements in blockchain technology in the last 10 years. Use ABEY Smart Contracts to enable dApps on the XSWAP platform. Showcase your dApps to the world in the XSWAP Marketplace.

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